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Graczia was one of the six scientists recruited by alien crime lord Dargin Bokk to create 5 Darkhawk armors. Graczia was recruited via blackmail as Bokk had proof a murder she committed when she was younger. Graczia was a scientist who specialized in telepathy.

The scientists eventually rebelled against Bokk and took the Darkhawk armors but most including Graczia were killed by Bokk. As their were 5 armors and 6 scientists it is unclear if whether Graczia or Kig got anarmor. Mandeja, Ocsh, Byron and Mondu were confirmed to have transformed into Darkhawks.

Graczia and the other characters related to Bokk's Darkhawk project were revealed to be figments of Chris Powell's imagination as a result of him being unable to deal with the influx of information he received from the Datasong after becoming Darkhawk.[citation needed]

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