Gramosians are inhabitants of the planet Gramos. There planet was beseiged with a debilitating loss of energy and the planet's leader sent Mercurio to Earth on a mission to harness the emanations from Thor's hammer Mjolnir. When these emanations did not suffice, Mercurio sought to slay the Thunder god and seize the energy from his hammer. After he was quickly defeated by the Thunder god and the Warriors Three, Mercurio later sought another power source Xorr the God-Jewel. Once again, he was initially opposed by Thor and his fellow Asgardians. Eventually Mercurio and his fellow Gramosians combined forced with Thor to destroy Xorr the God-Jewel and Mercurio fetched the particles of Xorr back to Gramos to aid his dying planet.

Even though the Gramosians and the Asgardians parted as friends. Mercurio has continued mischief on earth, more recently battling Captain America.


Habitat: Planet-wide temperate climate, 63% covered with water
Gravity: 89% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 68% nitrogen, 28% oxygen
Population: 1.3 billion


Type of Government: Elective monarchy
Level of Technology: Highly advanced, with interstellar starships and machinery that can store &/or transmit life forces
Cultural Traits: Generally pacifistic and artistic
Representatives: Mercurio the 4D Man


  • The Gramosian leader Mercurio has been mutated with Gramosian technology and the mystic emanations from Mjolnir. He is more powerful than his fellow citizens. However, Gramosians have been shown to propel energy blasts from their extended arms.

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