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Located on 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Station is the iconic commuter rail terminal for the greater New York metropolitan area.


Jean Grey was escorted to the Grand Central Station by Warren Worthington III.[1]

Peter Parker picked up Aunt May at the newly constructed Penn Station, telling him that Mrs. Watson invited her to move in, which worked since Peter wanted to move out too, into Harry's new apartment.[2]

Some time after, Spider-Man and the Human Torch battled the Super Skrull near the West-side Penn Central trainyards.[3] As the Skrull struck the electrical generators with a flame blast, he caused an explosion that collapsed a section of Eleventh Avenue into the Penn Central trainyard, knocked Spider-Man out and covered his escape.[4]

Speedball and Niels met Timeslip at the Grand Central Station, one of New York City's most spectacular entry points.[5]

Hawkeye and Deadpool once drove a car through the station and down into the subway tunnels while trying to catch Captain Barracuda's submarine before it departed.[6]

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Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel's Spider-Man Game Series (Earth-1048)

The Grand Central Station was chosen by Mister Negative to be the place where he and his Demons Gang would release the deadly viral agent created by Oscorp, Devil's Breath in an attempt to frame Norman Osborn for the incident. The plot was later discovered and prevented by Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man.[9]

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

When the Hulk almost decapitated Giant Man, Iron Man grabbed the green monster and slammed him into the recently deserted Grand Central Station. There, the Hulk tore off Iron Man's helmet and threatened to eat Tony Stark. However, Iron Man activated a thought scrambler and knocked him out of the building.[10]

Age of X (Earth-11326)

Grand Central Station as part of Fortress X

Grand Central Station was one of the New York buildings Magneto stole to create Fortress X.[11] Grand Central Station acted as Fortress X's primary security hub.[12]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Located immediately southeast of Avengers Tower, Grand Central Station and Pershing Square Plaza were the epicenter of the Battle of New York were the Avengers first assembled to battle Loki's invading Chitauri army.[7] When the area was repaired, a memorial plaque was erected to comemorate the event.[8]


  • Although almost universally referred to as Grand Central Station, it is officially and correctly named Grand Central Terminal, as trains do not travel past the station, only arrive at and depart from it.[citation needed]

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