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The Cosmic Game Room was a satellite base of operations of the Grandmaster from where he and the Challenger oversaw the contest between their teams, the Lethal Legion and the Black Order, respectively.[1] From the Cosmic Game Room, the Grandmaster and the Challenger activated the Pyramoids, whose purpose was to be seized by either team to score a point.[2] When somebody touched a Pyramoid, they were teleported to the Cosmic Game Room and remained encased in a crystal.[3]

Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room from Avengers Vol 1 688 001.jpg

The Cosmic Game Room additionally housed the World-Engine, a device which mantained an energy envelope keeping the Earth at the correct rotation and temperature, since the planet had been abducted from its location in the Solar System to a galaxy faraway for the purpose of the contest.[4] After killing the Grandmaster for cheating,[5] the Challenger endangered the stability of the World-Engine to destroy the Earth.[4]

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