Mr. Carelli was an sculptor by trade, but by 1948 he turned his talents to crime. Creating a device that sprayed quick drying liquid granite, he dubbed himself the Granite Bandit and formed a gang. They first robbed a bank, encasing the security guard in granite and managed to escape. However this robbery prompted the police to get the Human Torch and Sun Girl involved in the case. The Torch correctly deduced that the leader of the gang must have been an artist and the pair began tracking down leads.

At that time, the Granite Bandit decided to turn on his accomplice and encased him in granite. When the Torch and Sun Girl arrived to question Carelli, he invited them in. He then brazenly showed off a granite sculpture of the bank robbery and coffins with Human Torch and Sun Girl sculptures inside. He then activated a trap door and flooded the two heroes with quick drying granite. Wanting them to die slowly, the Granite Bandit fed two air hoses to the heroes and then resumed his crime spree. However when he returned to his hideout he found that the Torch and Sun Girl managed to break free from their prison. While the two heroes were busy rounding up his men, the Granite Bandit then fled the scene and went into hiding.

Hearing a radio report that the Torch and Sun Girl were still on the manhunt for him, the Granite Bandit decided to hunt them down. When the pair split up, the Bandit encased Sun Girl in granite and placed her body on the court house next to a statue of Lady Justice. He then went to the Human Torch's apartment and tried to catch the hero unaware. However the Torch had anticipated this and placed a dummy out in the open. When the Granite Bandit attacked the dummy the real Torch attacked and encased the Granite Bandit in his own weapon. The Torch then forced the location of Sun Girl out of him and freed her.

The Granite Bandit was last seen still partially encased in granite at a police station being mocked by police officers and children alike.[1] His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Granite Bandit created a device that covered his victims in liquid granite that would harden on contact. The liquid substance was kept in a container on his back and he sprayed it with a fire hose attached to its side.

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