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Personal History

Grant Morrison was born to Agnes and Walter Morrison, they have a sister called Leigh.[1] In November of 2020, they came out as non-binary during an interview with[2]

Professional History

In 2001, Morrison left DC to take over Marvel's flagship comic which they retitled New X-Men, rebooting the franchise in the process. Morrison's stint on X-Men is considered one of their more controversial runs, as they radically altered many aspects of the book. They introduced many new concepts including the Weapon Plus program, Fantomex, secondary mutations, the drug Kick, and portrayed Magneto as a senile genocidal madman. Morrison ended many long established X-Men tropes, including disposing with their superhero costumes, ending the marriage of Scott Summers and Jean Grey by involving Cyclops in a psychic affair with The White Queen, and once again killing Jean Grey, this time by giving her a massive, catastrophic stroke. Despite all the changes, the series was still well received.

Work History

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