The sword was pulled out of the body of the monster Yamata no Orochi[2] by Susano.

Susano then gave the sword to Amaterasu. It was also used by the great Japanese warrior Yamato-Take in the 1st century AD.

Blood Oath

Thor and the Warriors Three were sent to claim the sword as part of a wyrd. They reached its location, finding the temple warriors battling Mikaboshi's demons.[citation needed]

Spirits slain by the sword manifested themselves and guarded the sword as Thor approached. After the tanuki in charge was told why the sword was needed, the spirits allowed it to be taken. This in turn freed them from their binding within the sword. The sword was entrusted to Fandral.[citation needed]

When the oath was fulfilled, the blade and other items claimed by Thor were returned to their proper places.[citation needed]

God of War

Years later Mikaboshi's forces were finally able to overrun the temple and claim the sword. Mikaboshi planned to have Alexander kill his father Ares with the sword and take his place as God of War as one aspect of its attack on the Olympians. Instead, Alexander killed Mikaboshi with the blade.[citation needed]


  • Grasscutter and Snake Sword are translations of Kusanagi.

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