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The exact origins of the Grasshopper Suit are unknown. Doug Taggert was the first known user of the Grasshopper Suit. For weeks, Taggert fought crime as the Ever-Gregarious Grasshopper part-time while working part-time as security at Roxxon. While his crush on his co-worker Cindy Shelton went unrequited as Taggert, Cindy ironically only had eyes for Grasshopper.[2]

One night Grasshopper came across a Batroc's Brigade in the middle of a heist while out on patrol. During the fight, Grasshopper was recruited to the Great Lakes Avengers and then was quickly killed by a sai in the head from Zaran.[2]

Approximately six months later, Neil Shelton (Cindy's long lost brother) received the Grasshopper Suit while working for Roxxon. Unfortunately, his first time in the suit, he used the "maximum jump" feature and launched into space where he died. The suit was destroyed when it burned up reentering the atmosphere.[1]

Another Grasshopper gained the Grasshopper Suit. After leaping from New York City to Milwaukee to join the Great Lakes Initiative, he was unceremonious killed by Deadpool.[3]

Yet another Grasshopper gained the Grasshopper Suit during the Skrull invasion. He was able to join the Great Lakes Initiative, but it was revealed that he was a Skrull imposter.[4]


Grasshopper is space after using "maximum jump"

  • Powerful Hydraulic Legs[5]
    • Superhuman Leaping: The Grasshopper suit possessed powerful legs allowing the user to perform superhuman leaps.[2][3]
      • Boot-Jets: Those allow the Grasshopper to leap to outer space.[1]
    • Powerful Kicks[1][5]
  • Helmet
    • Zoom-Lenses: The helmet was equipped with zoom lenses that enhanced the user's long distance vision.[2]
    • "Insectroid Sensors": The helmet was equipped "insectroid sensors" that were able to detect danger.[2]
  • Tentacles: The Skrull version of the Grasshopper suit possessed several mechanical tentacles.[4]

Alternate Reality Versions

You Are Deadpool (Earth-TRN743)

In the 1620s, a Paul Grimm the Pilgrim Grasshopper wearing the Grasshopper's Suit arrived in New England with the Pilgrims.[6]

In 1961, the put-upon art student Brad Bailey became the Grasshopper donning a more rudimentary version of Grasshopper's Suit. His adventures were chronicled Voyage into Oddity.[7]

Grasshopper punching Nixon in Man-Thing's Swamp

In 1974, Steve Rogers became disillusioned with the United States of America and took on the mantle of Grasshopper, wearing a version of Grasshopper's Suit inspired by his old Captain America's Uniform.[8]

In 1985, international assassin Jon Strykeblayde underwent super soldier experimentation with Canada's Department K to become Grasshopper '95 with an extreme Grasshopper's Suit equipped with multiple unnecessary pouches, spiked shoulderpads, and wrist-mounter daggers.[9]

In the present day, Roxxon gave the Grasshopper's Suit to Brett Punchwell, who became the gravely gruff, grim and gritty Grasshopper, to guard the secret storage base. When Deadpool broke into the facility to steal the Time Helmet, he was confronted by Grasshopper. Grasshopper died during the fight (either by decapitation or from a massive coronary infarction).[5]

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