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As Nightcrawler teleported to check on a disturbance in Moira MacTaggart's headquarters in Muir Island, Gravemoss trapped him in his teleportation dimension, and took over his body.[citation needed]

Still in Nightcrawler's body, Gravemoss attempted to talk Kitty Pryde into handing him the Soulsword, but her madness led her to decline his request. Captain Britain quickly broke in and knocked Kitty out, and while the rest of Excalibur discussed what was going on, Gravemoss couldn't take his eyes off the sword. Finally, he suggested that he should carry the sword, but even though the group agreed, it returned inside Kitty.[citation needed]

Needing some time away from the group, Gravemoss waited outside, thinking of the ways he planned to kill Nightcrawler's teammates. Suddenly, Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler's girlfriend ported in. Gravemoss turned on the charm, and when she jumped in her boyfriend's arms, he knocked her out and dropped her off a cliff into a raging sea.[citation needed]

In the medical area where Kitty was being held, Gravemoss set Douglock on fire, using an occult flame, then used his magic to knock out the rest of Excalibur and Charles Xavier. When Kitty finally woke up, she found Gravemoss and Shrill standing in front of her, demanding the sword.[citation needed]

After Shrill convinced Kitty that it was Gravemoss in possession of Nightcrawler's body, he shut down all the electrical systems on Muir Island and sealed Moira's laboratory up. Kitty finally decided her only way out was to attack Gravemoss, even if it meant hurting her friend, she went about doing just that, beating Gravemoss down. Gravemoss realized that this situation wasn't to his favour, and retreated to Nightcrawler's room, where he took his swords.[citation needed]

Kitty and Gravemoss dueled, and Kitty got the better of him, slashing his wrist with the Soulsword. Gravemoss found himself trapped in a spell set by Shrill, but Kitty couldn't kill her friend, even if it was the only way to save herself. Shrill's power ran out, and Gravemoss prepared to kill Kitty, but Amanda Sefton, still alive, captured him in a spell of her own. Kitty lunged at Gravemoss, cutting into him with the Soulsword, breaking his bond with Nightcrawler's body. Kitty handed the sword over to Amanda, who she trusted, then left her to take care of the spent Gravemoss. [citation needed]

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As a high-level magician, Gravemoss could travel through dimensions, possess bodies, summon occult flames, and likely much more. When Gravemoss possessed the body of other people, he would retain their memories as well. Gravemoss was also desperately power-hungry and sadistic, willing to do anything at all to become the Earth's strongest magician.

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