Gray Russel was a young journalist looking to make a name for himself. He learned from his dying father that his father had in fact worked for the criminal organization Hydra. Gray went to the abandoned Hydra facility looking for answers, but discovered that it had been taken over by a local JADOO gang. Gray felt there was only one way for him to get inside and find answers, so he hired two actors to jump a lone JADOO gang member and pretended to save him so that the JADOO would accept him as one of their own.[1]

As part of their initiation they told Gray he had to kill some rival gang members in a drive-by killing. Gray managed to get a message out to Edward Brock (Earth-616), who committed himself to help. Venom, however, was imprisoned by the Punisher, and was unable to get to Gray before he was forced to gun down rival gang members. [1]

The chaos caused by the Punisher allowed Gray to run to the laboratory where the super soldier project had been left abandoned. Gray got inside a chamber and activated the super soldier project, effectively turning himself into Pyre.[2]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[3]


Pyre has the ability to shoot powerful microwaves out of his hands.

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