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Grayburn University is a school located in upstate New York. It was so exclusive that it only had a few thousand students.[1]

Kyle Richmond was accepted into Grayburn, but only because of his family's money. It was there he first met Mindy Williams and they became a couple. Kyle's reckless nature led to a night of drunk driving that ended in a vehicular accident that supposedly killed Mindy and resulted in him being kicked out of school.[1]

Unknown to Kyle, Mindy had actually survived the accident but had been left crippled. Kyle's father secretly paid her a great deal of money to leave the country so as to avoid a scandal.[2]

Kyle later learned that Grayburn University had been shut down due to lack of funds and an administrative scandal.[2]

Twelve years after the accident and her supposed death, Mindy Williams acquired Grayburn University as part of her plan to get revenge on Kyle. She lured Kyle (as Nighthawk) there and used Latverian robots made to look like hippies, jocks and riot police to physically overcome him and his companion, Spider-Man. However, her attempt to kill Kyle by using a reconstruction of the car in which she had been crippled by him was thwarted when Spider-Man delayed the car's fatal crash by a few crucial seconds, giving Nighthawk just enough time to escape. Mindy and her robots were then taken into custody.[2]

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Dr. Samuel Sterns was a scientist operating from a small lab at Grayburn College who, under the alias "Mr. Blue," came into email contact with Dr. Bruce Banner. When he arrived at the college he used his expertise to try and cure him. The military arrived and arrested Banner and planned to confiscate Sterns sample. Emil Blonsky, a rogue soldier intent on becoming empowered as Banner, forced him to give him a sample of Banner's blood. [3]

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Earth-8096)

Grayburn College is a university located in New York City. It is where Hank Pym worked and Janet van Dyne studied.[4] Scott Lang broke into Hank's lab and stole the Ant-Man Suit, which he used to rob banks.[5]






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