Little is detailed about Creed's life before Bishop arrived from the future to prevent the release of the plague, however it can be presumed that it followed as much of the same path as his Earth-92131 counterpart.

Creed hired a scientist to create a virus that would wipe out every mutant on Earth, though would be relatively harmless to ordinary humans. Graydon dispatched one of his followers to infect baseline humans in contact with a number of known mutants, and began making public announcements about the dangerous "plague carrying mutants". While giving a speech about the plague's effects, Graydon attempted to infect Beast with the virus, though was stopped by Bishop. During the struggle, Graydon accidentally infected himself and retreated back to the lab for medical aid. The X-Men followed him and attacked the base, while the scientist revealed himself to be Apocalypse. Beast helped Creed get clear of the battle, and the plague was destroyed, but Apocalypse then destroyed the X-Men and Bishop, and Creed perished in the blast.


None, human.

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