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At some point, Sabretooth began working for Magneto, who tasked him with infiltrating the X-Men's base. He broke in and attacked Beast's trial, where Wolverine and Cyclops were present, knowing the X-Men would take him with them if he appeared to be in need of aid. Sabretooth was wounded in the attack, and was indeed taken into custody by Xavier. Wolverine suspected him from the beginning, and attempted to get rid of him, but was stopped by Xavier, who tried to plunge into Sabretooth's psyche and help him control his rage. When the X-Men were gone fighting Magneto, Sabretooth was left alone with Jubilee. He tricked her into freeing him and almost killed her, but Wolverine returned just in time to prevent it, though Creed badly injured him in battle. He escaped before the X-Men could defeat him.[2]

Sabretooth tracked Wolverine to the Arctic Circle and set a trap for him. He nearly succeeded in killing him, but Wolverine was saved by a tribe of Inuit. Sabretooth tracked him down again, and managed to trick a young tribesman who was jealous of Wolverine to lead him away from the village, allowing Sabretooth to burn it down and kidnap the rest of the tribe. He forced Wolverine into fighting him again, but Wolverine, with help from the young tribesman Sabretooth had tricked, managed to defeat him, plunging him into a ravine.[3]

He was not seen again for some time. He reappeared when his past with Weapon X, Silver Fox, Maverick, and his bad childhood was discovered.[4] He formed an alliance with Apocalypse and helped kidnap psychics all over the world so Apocalypse could rewrite reality. He was again taken prisoner by the X-Men and escaped again afterward.[5] He later confronted his adult son Graydon Creed, Jr.[6]


  • It is also revealed that Sabretooth was born in Edmonton, Alberta, although his birthplace has never truly been specified in the comics.
  • Sabretooth was first seen on a news broadcast, when he was fighting off against the police.
  • Voiced by the late Don Francks.
  • Developed for television by Larry Houston and Frank Squillace.

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