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Quote1.png My "father" and I were not as... close... as you and yours, apparently. Quote2.png
Graydon Creed[src]



Posing as German spy Leni Zauber, Mystique seduced freelance assassin Victor Creed while he was in Germany on a mission. While they were both mutants, Mystique later gave birth to a normal human child - Graydon - whom she gave up for adoption, although she kept an eye on him.

When Graydon learned of his heritage, that he was the son of two mutants who had abandoned him as an inconvenience, he grew resentful of all mutants, and that resentment colored his outlook for the rest of his life.

Friends of Humanity

In his adult years, Graydon formed a group called the Friends of Humanity, dedicated to opposing mutant civil rights by committing acts of terrorism against peaceful mutants and mutant sympathizers, and using the acts of violent mutants such as Magneto to rally support for their cause. He was also a member of the Upstarts, a group of well-connected murderous youths who were being manipulated by the telepathic Gamesmaster for his own amusement.


At a rally for Graydon's hopeful presidential candidacy, an assassin shot and killed him.[3][4] A future version of Mystique had fired the shot, having sworn to kill Graydon for his part in the Friends of Humanity's brutal attack on Trevor Chase, the grandson of her lover Destiny.

First Resurrection

A group of Purifiers later dug up the corpse of Graydon Creed and took his body to their base where it was re-animated by Bastion using the Techno-Organic Virus taken from an "offspring" of Magus. This resulted in Graydon being resurrected and gaining abilities that Cable had when he was infected by a techno organic virus. Later he died again in the battle against the X-Men.[5]

Second Resurrection

He was later brought back again as a zombie and sent after Sabretooth, Daken, and Lady Deathstrike. He engaged in a brief fight with his father, even managing to gain the upper-hand shortly. He was killed again when the soldiers finally blew up the town of Maybelle.[6]

A Hell of a Family Reunion

Graydon was shown in Hell, strapped to a hospital bed and screaming in agony. Having grown tired of the yelling, Sabretooth came to his room and found him. Graydon lashed out at his father for abandoning him and wanted Victor to end his pain by killing him, but Victor refused. Instead, he decided to take Graydon with him so he could return home with the rest of Weapon X-Force once their business in Hell was finished. Mystique argued that Graydon belonged in Hell, but Sabretooth wasn't willing to leave him.[7] Due to Sabretooth's effort, Graydon was freed from Hell and resurrected.[8]


Power Grid[13]
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Graydon possesses no apparently superhuman powers.


Graydon is a charismatic and intelligent man, hindered somewhat by his bigotry, but is still a highly influential and well-connected figure. He has basic military training but only modest hand-to-hand combat skills.



Tribune Suit: an armored battle suit which gave him much greater strength.


  • Scott Lobdell had originally planned for the Askani Sisterhood to be responsible for Creed's assassination, and even hinted that there were members of the Askani who infiltrated Creed's campaign.[9]
  • After Krakoa became a sovereign nation state for mutants, Graydon Creed was considered to be the seventh most deadly threat to mutants, responsible for 147 mutant deaths.[10][11]

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