The Great Astro was a spy for the Nazis that was active during World War II. By the fall of 1942, he had set himself up as a radio astrologer/fortune teller that warned American listeners regularly that ships were going to sink. In reality, his "star readings" were nothing more than the use of his powerful telescope to view when ships were leaving New York Harbor and then signaling a Nazi U-Boat that was hidden out at sea.

His seemingly accurate predictions attracted the attention of newspaper reporters Jeff Mace, Jack Casey, and Mary Morgan who decided to visit and interview the Great Astro during the night of a heavy rain. Listening as Astro made his broadcast, Jeff realized that there could be no way that Astro could read the stars and attacked him and then terminated his radio broadcast. Jeff, Jack and Mary were then captured and shackled by Astro's men.

With Jack and Mary knocked out, Jeff broke free and changed into the Patriot and confronted the Great Astro and his men. Overpowering them, the Patriot learned the full scope of Astro's operation and forced one of his guards to help him sink the Nazi U-Boat by leading it into a trap for an American destroyer. After, the Patriot left a note on the still unconscious Astro so that he could slip away and resume his civilian guise.[1]

The fate of the Great Astro and his men following the war is unknown.


The Great Astro utilized a telescope and radio equipment.


The Great Astro was armed with a gun.

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