This page presents the interleaved events of the Great Flood, Atlantis and Lemuria's destruction, and the Second Host of the Celestials on Earth.

Event Synopsis

Prelude to the Cataclysm

The Great Cataclysm occurred in 18,000 BC, when the Earth's landmasses consisted of the super continent of Thuria, the eastern Lemurian Isles, the larger island continent of Mu (which had been connected to Lemuria ages past), the southern continent of Pangea, the "Nameless Continent", and the western island continent of Atlantis. Mu and Lemuria were dominated by the Deviants, a race that was physically and technologically powerful. Due to years of subjugation, many Lemurian humans willingly served the Deviants in their wars of conquest. Despite the efforts of the Eternals, they failed to prevent their expansion as they conquered most of the world, establishing the Deviant Empire.[18]

The Great Cataclysm

Eventually only the Empire of Atlantis remained free on Earth. The Deviants launched an all-out assault on Atlantis, carried out by their human mercenaries (the Muvians who executed a naval invasion and the Lemurians who attacked via airships). To stop Lemurian drilling devices which were being used to penetrate Atlantis' dome, King Kamuu opened the city's magma pits. Which drove the Lemurians back, destroying their war machines and drills. Unfortunately it made Atlantis seismologically unstable, resulting in it's coastline sinking beneath the ocean waves.[18]

Taking advantage of the chaos, the Lemurian alchemist Atra who allied himself with the Serpent-Men and promised that he would aid them in overthrowing the Deviants, created the Serpent Crown to summon the power of the Elder God Set. Taking advantage of the chaos, Atra tried to seize power in Lemuria and discovered that the Deviant emperor Phraug had made his own pact with Set, which rendered the Deviant immune to the powers of the Serpent Crown. He had in fact been aware of what Atra had been doing and allowed it to continue so that he could have the Serpent Crown. They would end up struggling with each other for control of the Serpent Crown.[18]

Upon the arrival of the Celestials' Second Hosts' mothership, Phraug ordered his forces to fire upon the mothership. Which retaliated by launching a nuclear strike from orbit on Lemuria. The actions of Atlantean sorcerers who attempted to harness the power of the Axis Mundi via the Omphalos, accidentally magnified the effects of the Celestial bombardment and the Atlantean magma pits. Resulting in the Great Cataclysm, which spread throughout the world. Atlantis broke up and within a week had submerged.[18]

The Great Cataclysm resulted in earthquakes, flooding, continents shifting, and volcanic eruptions. Lemuria and Mu were submerged under the seas. Parts of Thuria fell or rose, creating great inland seas and lakes. Some of the Thurian refugees headed to the cold north, becoming barbarians. The Pictish islands were forced skyward, creating a new continent's mountain peaks. On the east coast of this new continent, Atlantean colonies were established (Zothique, Poseidonis, and Mayapan). Some Lemurian survivors escaped in a wooden ark built by the Eternal Utnapishtim which was guided by the Eternal Ikaris to safety. On Thuria's eastern coast, surviving Lemurians were enslaved by the East Folk.[18]

Aftermath of the Cataclysm

A millennium later, the East Folk were overthrown by the descendants of the Lemurians. Driving them southwest, where they slew and drove out in turn the Serpent Men. The descendants of the East Folk established the kingdoms of Acheron and Stygia. Barbarian descendants of the Thurian refugees, now called Hybori, established their first kingdom Hyperborea in 16,000 BC. Hybori gradually moved southward, establishing other kingdoms, and conquering Acheron in 13000 BC. The Lemurian descendants, building on the civilizations of the East Folk, established the empire of Khitai and possibly that of Vendhya.[18]

Alternate realities


The cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis was caused by the Tan-Ed-Drul.[19]


  • Some sources states the Great Cataclysm occurred circa 10,000 BC,[20] or circa 18,500 BC.[21]
    • The story "The Kingdom Beneath the Sea" (Namora #1) depicts the sinking of the island of Mu as occurring ten thousand years ago[22] (except if said cataclysm refers to the post-Hyborian cataclysm or another cataclysm around that time).
  • In Aztec religion, the world under the Fourth Sun was destroyed by the feud between Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca which caused a cataclysmic flood. That flood happened before the creation of the mortals.[23]
  • The ancient cybernetic alien entity known as the Suit stated that the Great Flood never occurred and that stories of it are nothing more than greatly over-exaggerated and mythologized accounts based on his species' first attempt to wipe out humanity, which had been postponed due to inclement weather and then aborted when they discovered they had been tricked by the entity that had commissioned them to do so.[24][25]


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