The history of the latest incarnation of the Ani-Men is unrevealed prior to their battle with the Avengers in Milwaukee. The group attacked a modeling shoot at the local convention center citing animal rights issues as their motive. The group blamed the modeling industry for everything from cosmetics testing to the wearing of fur and destroyed the entire shoot. Unknown to the group, Ashley Crawford, a model participating in the shoot, was also the Great Lakes Avengers member codenamed Big Bertha. Bertha contacted the rest of the G.L.A. for help in dispatching the criminals. By the time that the group arrived; however, the actual Avengers had already shown up and told the D-list heroes to stand back in order to avoid danger. The Avengers easily defeated the new Ani-Men with the Great Horned Owl-Man being taken down by the Vision.[1] His current whereabouts are unknown.


The Great Horned Owl-Man possesses wings which grant him the power of flight. He also has sharp talon-like feet with which he can clutch objects. Any other powers that he may possess have yet to be revealed.

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