GLI Headquarters from Deadpool GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular Vol 1 1 002

The exterior of the GLI Headquarters

After joining the Initiative, Great Lakes Initiative moved into a new government-funded, state-of-the-art, secret Initiative headquarters.[1]

DeMarr Davis (Earth-616) from Deadpool GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular Vol 1 1 001

Doorman showing off the hanger bay with the Squirrel-a-gig, the Flat-a-Maran and the Bumper Buggy

In addition to living quarters, this facility also came equipped with a hanger bay and new vehicles including Big Bertha's Bumper Buggy, Flatman's Flat-a-Maran, and a new version of the Squirrel-a-Gig.[1]

Sometime after the disbanding of the Initiative,[2] the G.L.A. relocated to their previous headquarters in Bert's Box Factory.[3][4]


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