The Great Ring of Arakko
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Official Name
The Great Ring of Arakko
The Great Ring, High Council of Arakko[1]
Former Member(s)
Identity and Affiliations
Group of Omega-Level mutants that serve as the supreme government on Arakko due to their immense power.
Base of Operations
Arakko, Mars, Formerly Amenth
Place of Formation
Creators and Appearances
Quote1.png The Great Ring of Arakko is the government here. And beyond the fallow years, It has been so for thousands of years. What of yours? Quote2.png
Isca the Unbeaten[src]


The Seating Arrangement of The Great Ring

Members of the Great Ring of Arakko

Laws of Arakko

The Great Ring of Arakko is the official government of Arakko. They were formed in Amenth and have been going strong for more than thousands of years. The Great Ring comprises of only Omega-Level mutants (who's current members, are thousands of years old). Each section of the government is publicly known to be split into 5 tables; Dawn, Dusk, Day, and Arakko. Another table exists known as Night, and works behind the scenes of the public eye from the rest of the Arakki mutants.

They formed in their peoples need for structure during their constant times of war and battle. To this day, they believe in power most of all and heed that ideology towards the structure of Arakko.[2]


  • Every member that had served and currently serves on The Great Ring of Arakko has always been an Omega-Level mutant. One can not be a member without being a Omega-Level mutant.
  • The council revers power most of all. Only the most cunning, intelligent, and most of all powerful, can serve on the Great Ring.
  • The Great Ring officially only has 9 seats (not including Redroot & Arakko seats in the Arakko table), the Night seats are rumoured to be held by hidden members of the The Great Ring with a hidden purpose.


  • The Great Ring of Arakko mirrors that of Krakoa's the Quiet Council, including similar laws, seating and table placement, and having a voice of their island.

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