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Quote1.png The Great Ring of Arakko is the government here. And beyond the fallow years, It has been so for thousands of years. What of yours? Quote2.png
Isca the Unbeaten[src]

The Great Ring of Arakko was the governing body of Arakko.


The Great Ring was formed in Amenth and has been the ruling body of Arakko for thousands of years, with the exception of the period when Arakko was ruled by Annihilation. The Great Ring follows three basic rules; 1) Make more mutants; 2) Destroy all enemies; 3) Defend Arakko.

The Great Ring was shaped by their peoples' need for structure during times of unending war and battle. The Great Ring is composed exclusively of Omega-Level mutants. To this day, they believe in power most of all, an ideology that shapes Arakki society.[2] In order to gain a seat on the Ring, any Arakki mutant may challenge a sitting council member in the Circle Perilous. If they succeed, the winner will receive the loser's seat.[3]

X of Swords

Following Saturnyne's Tournament of Swords and the final battle in Otherworld, the Great Ring lost two of its members with Genesis staying in Amenth with her husband and Redroot imprisoned by Mad Jim Jaspers as payment for breaking a priceless Crystal Idol of Bombu.[4][5]

Planet Arakko

The Great Ring offered three of its members; Lactuca, Xilo, and Sobunar, to aid the mutants of Krakoa in terraforming Mars and moving Arakko there.[6]

The Krakoan mutant Storm challenged Nameless, the Shape-Shifter Queen for the Seat of All-Around-Us and regency of Arakko. Storm won the challenge, defeating Nameless and claiming her seat.[7]

During a meeting, Tarn expressed his interest in Krakoa, as a Krakoan mutant had stolen the genetic material of his Locus Vile and himself. The Great Ring forbade Tarn from attacking Krakoa, and Tarn agreed to abide by their decision, though he would break his promise shortly thereafter when the Locus Vile found the thieves.[8] Storm called another meeting and confronted Tarn for breaking his word. Tarn reiterated that he would not leave Krakoa alone until he was satisfied, prompting Storm to challenge him to a duel in the Circle Perilous. Tarn easily disarmed Storm, disabling her powers and mutating her grotesquely. Seemingly defeated, Storm managed to get close enough to pierce Tarn's chest with a dagger, threatening to kill him if he did not surrender. Tarn yielded, and restored Storm's abilities and appearance.[3]

The Great Ring debated whether or not to abandon Planet Arakko and return to Amenth to once again wage war on the daemons, or to continue walking the path of peace. Using her second vote as regent, Storm broke the tie, settling the matter for peace.[7] As part of a plot to secure an ally in the Great Ring, Abigail Brand urged Vulcan to challenge Tarn for his seat. The two dueled, each cancelling out the others' mutant power, but Tarn quickly gained the upper hand, and beat Vulcan to death.[9]

Magneto promptly arrived immediately after the previous duel, to challenge Tarn for his seat. Tarn gleefully accepted the challenge, unaware that his doom had already been sealed. Magneto's former student Sunspot had tricked Isca into betting against Tarn, meaning her power to never lose would ensure that Tarn was defeated. Magneto used his own helmet to inhibit Tarn's psionic powers, and crushed his skull, claiming his seat.[9]

Following Magneto's ascension to the Great Ring, another meeting was called to discuss whether it was appropriate for Krakoan mutants, who due to their Resurrection Protocols could never truly die, to sit on the Great Ring, as the Arakki had rejected the concept of unending life and resurrection. Speaking on behalf of both himself and Storm, Magneto agreed with the Great Ring's objections, and destroyed the Cerebro back-ups of both himself and Storm, ensuring that when they died, they would not return. [10]

Council Structure

The Council itself is divided up into four sections of three seats along with an adjunct section:

  • Dawn is deferred to in times of war, and consists of:
    • Isca the Unbeaten, who sits on the Seat of Victory and is consulted when battle is won. This seat is traditionally the most consulted, and is also called the "Head of the Great Ring".
    • Idyll the Future Seer, who sits on the Seat of Stalemate and is consulted when there is no clear winner.
    • Magneto, who sits on the Seat of Loss and is consulted when battles are lost.

Idyll replaced her father High Mutant Prophet Idyll on the council,[2] and Isca took the place of her sister Genesis.[3] Magneto claimed the seat from Tarn the Uncaring.[9]

  • Day is deferred to in times of peace, and consists of:
    • Lactuca the Knower, who sits on the Seat of Above-Us and is consulted on matters of the heavens.
    • Storm, who sits on the Seat of All-Around-Us and is consulted on matters of the land, the people, the weather, and the turn of the world. This seat has an additional casting vote, and its holder is known as the Regent of Arakko.
    • Sobunar of the Depths, who sits on the Seat of Below-Us and is consulted on matters of the deep.[2][6][3]

Storm claimed the seat from Nameless, the Shape-Shifter Queen.[7]

  • Dusk is never deferred to, but is still consulted on the nation's more conceptual matters. The Table consists of:
    • Ora Serrata the Witness, who sits on the Seat of Law and is consulted on all legal matters.
    • Xilo, the First Defender, who sits on the Seat of History and is consulted on matters of lore, recording (and deciding) Arakko's history.
    • Lodus Logos, who sits on the Seat of Dreams and is consulted on matters of art, poetry, and song.[2][3]

Ora Serrata claimed her seat from Uqesh the Bridge.

  • Night consists of hidden members of the The Great Ring with hidden purposes.[2]
  • Lastly, an adjunct to the council consisted of Arakko and its speaker Redroot the Forest, representing the interests and needs of the island itself.[2]


  • Stulgid was originally shown to be the third member of the Table of Dusk, but this ended up being changed to Xilo's former name.[3]
  • The only way for a mutant to gain a seat on the Great Ring is through fighting in the Circle Perilous, with them winning the fight by their opponent either yielding, or dying (by their hand or even an act of suicide).[3][11][12]
    • Every member that has ever served and currently serves on The Great Ring of Arakko has been an Omega-Level mutant.[3] While it is possible for anyone to challenge any seat at any time, it is recommended for those challengers to be Omega-level.[9]
  • While it has been stated that the Dusk seats are never deferred to, Uqesh the Bridge acquired powers of Deferdom as holder of the Seat of Law during a wave of civil unrest. It is possible that the rule of never deferring to the Dusk seats was instituted after Uqesh's Deferdom resulted in disaster for Arakko.


  • The Great Ring of Arakko mirrors the Quiet Council of Krakoa, including similar laws, seating and table placement, and having a voice of their island.
  • Storm is the only known individual to have a seat on both the Quiet Council and the Great Ring along with the Galactic Council simultaneously, while Magneto previously served on Quiet Council.

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