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The Great Weaver is a spider-like totemic deity worshiped by the Spider-Clan and Spider Society, with temples in Peru and Ghana. According to Ezekiel Sims, the Great Weaver spins the Web of Life, which is the source of power for all Spider Totems; and chose Peter Parker as its avatar, which the reason why so many of his enemies are animal-based.[1]

According to Ezekiel, the Great Weaver is Kwaku Anansi, who sacrificed his mortal form in exchange for enlightenment.[2]

While pursuing the Shade in the Astral Plane, Peter encountered a green spider-shaped entity that he later speculated to be the Great Weaver's true form. Shortly after this, Peter was confronted by a supernatural wasp-like entity who he defeated by luring to a temple in Ghana, where she was attacked by a swarm of spiders.[2] Later still, Peter learned from a totemic entity called the Gatekeeper that Ezekiel had appropriated and misused his powers, and had therefore been deemed unworthy of them and his life.[3] Ezekiel attempted to sacrifice Peter to the Gatekeeper in order to become the Weaver's totemic avatar, but had a change of heart and sacrificed himself to save Peter.[4]

After Peter was killed by the totemic hunter Morlun, he had a vision of a massive, monstrous spider who claimed to be the manifestation of his spider-powers. The spider told him that his human side had died but that he could return to life by embracing his spider side. Peter accepted, and was resurrected with enhanced powers.[5] Afterwards, Peter's shed skin was consumed by a swarm of pirate spiders that manifested into an entity called Ero, who stated that the Great Weaver had violated the natural order by resurrecting Peter and it had manifested to kill him.[6] Following Kaine's death at the fangs of Carlos Lobo and his sister, Ero appeared before him and revealed itself to be the totemic spider-entity - previously identified as the Great Weaver - who had resurrected Peter, offering Kaine the same choice of resurrection through embracing it.[7]


  • In Spider-Verse, a being called the Master Weaver was introduced as the totemic god spinning the Web of Life and Destiny. Whether the Master Weaver and Great Weaver are the same entity is as-of-yet unknown.


  • Given that aspects of the Great Weaver - such as resurrecting Peter following his death at Morlun's hands - have been integrated into Ero to form The Other,[7] it's likely that the remaining aspects - such as spinning the Web of Life - were converted into the position of the Master Weaver.

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