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Confederation of World Industries (Alchemax, Stark-Fujikawa, Synthia)
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Federation of Constitutional Governments/"Polluters"
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The Green Berets were a corps of the Confederation of World Industries, a coalition composed of Corporations such as Alchemax, Stark-Fujikawa or Synthia who were fighting with the Federation of Constitutional Governments, the so-called "Polluters", for create a better world, more ecological. This event was called the Pollution Wars.

In reality, this was only a plan of the Corporations to take down the democratic system.

The Green Berets were led by Paul-Philip Ravage.

On the final battle, on the East Coast, they attacked at U.C.I. Chemical Works and a Federation officer threatened to make the chemical facility and the whole eastern seaboard to blow if the Berets came closer.

Without listening to his fellow officer Alec Dupledge, Ravage infiltrated the place, catch the device to prevent the menace to be applied and then make the Federation's soldiers to surrender.

Ravage was given a Green Cross, and after the Pollution Wars, he was made CEO of Eco Corporation.


Weapons: * Sonics weapons

  • Flesh Disruptors : Weapons who liquefy flesh, pop joints and burn internals organs

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