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Quote1 It's ice cold! A frigid flame! Quote2
-- Human Torch


Green Flames (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 4 0001

Human Green Flames

The Green Flames were organized by the evil Doctor Manyac in the early 1940's. Wearing an asbestos suits that could protect from extreme cold of a green flame they were unleashed to New York City causing the buildings to collapse, to achieve Manyac's demands for a ransom. When the city refused to deal with him, Manyac ordered his minions to destroy the slum section of the city. The Green Flames were opposed by the android Human Torch who defeated them. Ultimately, Manyac was arrested.[1]

In the spring of 1941, Manyac would be hired by the Nazis who also kidnapped robotic genius Professor Philo Zogolowski. Zogolowski was forced to work with Manyac to combine their technologies to create a robotic army of Green Flames, including a gigantic robot dubbed "Project: Blockbuster" to unleash against the United States. This plot was discovered when they attempted to capture the Human Torch and learn his secrets to utilize to further advance their robots. In capturing the Torch they would lead the Sub-Mariner, Toro, Betty Dean, the Angel, and the Ferret to their location. In the ensuing battle the Green Flame robots (including Project: Blockbuster) were all destroyed and Manyac seemingly slain.[2]


Weapons: The human versions of the Green Flames were equipped with asbestos lined suits that allowed them to burst into the super-cold green flames. They were able to radiate extreme cold that could cause buildings to crumble or men frozen in a matter of moments. The suits were not built to handle the extreme heat of the android Human Torch who could easily broil a Green Flame alive with his powers.[1]

The robot versions were able to fly, project freezing green fire balls, and radiate extreme colds. Due to it's massive size, Project: Blockbuster was more impervious to heat, however the right combination of extreme heat and super-strength (caused by the Human Torch and Namor combining their powers) was sufficient to destroy the robot.

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