The Green Opal is a powerful and sentient gemstone the origins of which are unknown, but it became an object of legend among the tribes of the Congo jungle. In the year 1955 a Russian agent named Alexei sought to obtain the Green Opal in order to conquer the jungles for his communist masters. To this end he tricked jungle explorer Lorna the Jungle Girl to help him retrieve the Opal and took her prisoner in the process. He then constructed a device that allowed him to harness the power of the Opal for his goals. Lorna eventually broke free with the help of her pet ape Mikki and friend Greg Knight. When Alexei attempted to use the weapon he invented the energies of the Green Opal broke free, destroying the device and revealing its sentience to those gathered. The Green Opal explain that it was observing the humans and then demanded that the communist agents surrender to the authorities or be hunted down by the Green Opal. Fearing the Opal's powers, Alexei and his minions did just that.[1]

The Green Opal disappeared soon after its current fate is unknown.


The Green Opal is apparently a sentient intelligence able to communicate verbally with the outside world. The gem had the power to levitate itself as well as fire powerful bolts of destructive force, the properties of which are likely mystical in nature.

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