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Green Terror was a long lived individual who originated from South Africa. In order to maintain his youth and vitality, he would drain the blood of young people and inject it into himself.

He traveled to Baltimore and began kidnapping young men and women to replenish his blood supply. The kidnappings attracted the attention of the detectives known as the Three Xs. They tracked the Green Terror to his hideout aboard a boat before it could leave the area. Revealing his needs, the Green Terror lost a fight against the 3Xs and was turned over to the authorities.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Longevity: The Green Terror is long lived; how long he has remained alive is unknown.
  • Blood-Based Powers: Through unknown means, being transfused with the blood of young men and women sustain his life and vitality.


Presumably, if he does not gain a fresh supply of blood during an unspecified period of time, his vitality begins to fade.



The Green Terror uses a special machine to drain his victims of his blood and presumably transfuse it into his own body.


The Green Terror owns his own boat, as well as a car that emits a cloud of green fog.

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