A botanist who had developed a serum which could bestow intelligence upon plant life came to an island off the coast of Australia. Unable to find the plant he wanted, he decided to test his serum upon a weed he found. The weed became a massive, human-shaped creature, and learned to speak after a short period of development it decided that it would conquer Earth using the botanist's formula on other plant-life. The botanist refused and ran, preventing the Green Thing from leaving the island. Finally, just as the Green Thing was about to close in on him, the botanist found a specimen of Ignatus Rex (the plant he was searching for) and injected it with his formula. The second plant become just as intelligent and attacked the Green Thing and destroyed it, realizing that the Green Thing was an evil plant.[1]

The Green Thing later turns up alive when he, Fin Fang Foom, Gorgilla, and Zzutak confront Kei Kawade in the forests outside his house.[2]

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