The leader of a tribe of trolls, Greenskyn Smashtroll was one of the founding members of the Champions, and was widely considered the mightiest of them all. During a quest with his fellows that took him far from home, his tribe fell under attack by one of his old enemies, which left his wife and unborn son dead. Heartbroken and angry, Greenskyn left the Champions and struck out on his own. As have so many in similar circumstances, Greenskyn sought to drown his sorrow and retreated to the bottom of a tankard. During a drunken rampage, he came to blows with his old comrades, only for the fight to be stopped by Captain Avalon. Shamed by his actions, Greenskyn surrendered... and promptly passed out. St'Vaan had Greenskyn brought back to the castle and asked for Count Ctranjj to find a magical means to drive the demon of drink from his large friend.


Likely similar to those of the Hulk.

  • Counterpart of the Hulk.

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