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Greenwich is a district of South East London, England, located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Greenwich is world famous as the traditional location of the Prime Meridian, on which all Coordinated Universal Time is based. The Prime Meridian running through Greenwich and the Greenwich Observatory is where the designation Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT began, and on which all world times are based.


In Greenwich, Zodiac perform a ritual in which lazers come from above, burning the zodiac constellations in the ground. Anna dropped Mockingbird, Living Brain and Spider-Man from a Quinjet upon the villians. They explain that Fury say Scorpio's spectacle from the ISS, and beeped his location in Morse Code via laser. But Scorpio punches the ground with the Key, causing it's energy to take down everyone in the field. He says that this is not about the Zodiac, just him, and no one else. But the Orrery reveals a spider-like sign and Spider-Man starts to get up.Scorpio approaches a newly-formed tunnel in the ground, takes off his mask and rants that everything his father told him and his grandfather planned led to this, remarking that no one ever wondered what a giant key is actually for. But Spidey jumps on him, mocking him and blinding him with his cape. He punches him, takes the Key and enters the tunnel, with Scorpio in pursuit. Inside, he finds a giant door with a giant lock for the giant key, wondering what is on the other side. But Scorpio makes the Key come to him, explaining that it has a connection with his family and introducing himself as Vernon Jacobs Fury, grandson of the first Scorpio. Spidey block his way with concrete webbing, but Vernon easily cuts thru it. He then uses the concrete webbing at the door lock and jumps at Scorpio but he easily punches him aside. Scorpio uses the Key to unlock the door and sees a white light ahead. He starts receiving information about everything that will happen one year ahead. The "Skyspears", Osborn, Regent, the "New U", Octavius, heroes fighting heroes again, and monsters rising. With a day ahead he could outsmart S.H.I.E.L.D. Witn a year, there is no telling what he can do now.So Spidey punches him into the white abyss, closes the door and locks it, remarking that he didn't saw that coming. In the surface Mockingbird helps the former Zodiac members, who fell from Scorpio's control when he was defeated, and takes the Orrery. Otto, inside the Brain, rushes to help Anna, whose Quinjet was hit by Scorpio, but she is okay due to the foam airbags. Spidey comes to the surface, explaining that he sent Scorpio one year into the future. Mockingbird takes the Key and says that that means they'll have to spend more time together. Anna teases Peter, saying Bobbi might like him, while Octavius watches him with jealousy, deciding to accelerated his plans to return.[1]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Thor battled the Dark Elves during the convergents in Greenwich on the grounds of the University of Greenwich.[2]

Phil Coulson and his team find themselves stuck with the clean up after Thor’s destructive battle with Malekith through Greenwich.[3]

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