A lesser demon of Hell, Greexix was assigned the merciless task of digging in the Pit. Satan instructed him to continue digging, expanding the area of the pit so as to fit more souls. After years of service, Greexix's vision began to fail, and he lost his way. When Satan lost track of Greexix's whereabouts, he sent a team of soldiers to locate and retrieve him. During this time, Greexix sought aid from one of Hell's more infamous denizens - Ghost Rider. Lucifer's agents caught up with Greexix and dragged him back to the Devil's palace, where he was subjected to unspeakable torture.[1]

Seeking to torment the Ghost Rider with promises of false hope, Lucifer took the form of Greexix and returned to the fiery planes where Ghost Rider was last seen. He told Ghost Rider that during his years of digging, he discovered a cavern that lead back to Earth. Ghost Rider refused to remain in Hell any longer than necessary, so he followed the faux Greexix to the cave. He helped Ghost Rider navigate the dimensional rift between worlds, even though he knew that the Rider had no intention of loosing even a lesser demon on the Earth. As they entered the Earth realm, Lucifer shed the form of Greexix and revealed his true identity to the Rider.[1]

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