Greg Garlick was an old man living in a residential home for the elderly in Florida. After his death, his body was visited by Doorman, who was to usher Greg's soul into the endless void. Greg manifested as a ghost, and asked Doorman to take care of some unfinished business before leaving for good. Doorman reluctantly accepted and agreed to accompany Greg to visit his first love Irene.

After visiting several incorrect houses, Doorman eventually caught wind of what Greg was really doing. Greg admitted that he simply didn't feel ready to go, and was actually stalling for time, visiting random houses and claiming he had mistaken them for Irene's house.

When Doorman returned to Detroit to assist the Great Lakes Avengers fight Doctor Nod, he let Greg's ghost tag along. Garlick claimed to be "kinda like" his sidekick, much to Doorman's irritation.[1] After witnessing the Great Lakes Avengers defeat Doctor Nod, Greg still hung around in their headquarters, and Doorman asked him if he was ready to let go of the world of the living.[2]

  • Even though Greg didn't plan on visiting his beloved named Irene before parting, he did fancy a woman with that name, the widow of his cousin Mark with whom Greg had an affair in the '70s.[1]

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