Greg Mattingly was a soap opera actor who portrayed the Strikeforce Morituri member Vyking in a series based on their adventures. At a party, the cast members and Morituri members met each other, and Mattingly was inspired by Vyking and his teammates' courage, and later, his death.[citation needed]

Mattingly volunteered to see if he was one of the few people genetically suited to undergo the Morituri process, and to his surprise, he was. Undergoing the process, Mattingly gained a power similar to that of Viking - energy redirection - but came to gain a greater degree of control over it than his predecessor. He took on the codename Backhand. On his first mission however, Backhand panicked on seeing a comrade die from the Morituri Effect that would eventually claim all their lives.[citation needed]

Backhand got over his fear, however, and served with the team for some time. He eventually succumbed to the Morituri Effect himself while they battled a group of 'Super Hordians,' with Backhand using his death to take out some of the Super Hordians, heroically helping his friends survive.[1]


After undergoing the Morituri process, Backhand gained the power of Energy Redirection. In addition, his strength and resilience were boosted beyond normal human levels.

Strength level

Like other Morituri, Mattingly's strength was boosted beyond normal human levels.


Like his fellow Morituri, Backhand was equipped with special boots that enabled him to fly.

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