Gregor Rovik was the Earthly leader of the Cult of Kalumai. After searching for the painting which was the only link between our world and that of the demon Kalumai for centuries, the Cult discovered it was going to be sold at an art auction. After getting out-bid by Jess Duncan, Rovik approached him and asked to buy the painting from him, as it meant more to him than it did to Duncan, though Duncan refused. That night, Rovik and the other Cult members stormed into Duncan's Soho apartment, clad in their Cult robes and masks and took the painting as well as Jess' girlfriend, Harmony Maxwell, who they planned to use as the sacrifice for their ritual which would restore Kalumai to Earth.

They took the girl and painting to an old abandoned barn which they had set up as their ritual headquarters, but just as the ceremony was about to get under way, they were attacked by the Scarecrow, who had made it his sworn duty to protect the painting and keep Kalumai from entering the Earthly dimension. The Scarecrow quickly beat down the Cult members and Rovik was so overcome with fear that he grabbed the unconscious girl and ran off into the field with her, with the Scarecrow hot on his heels. The Scarecrow then caused the surrounding trees to grab Rovik and killed him in a most grusome fashion.




Rovik must have had some knowledge of the occult and its rituals.


Rovik led the other members of the Cult of Kalumai



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