Doctor Gregor Smirnoff was a Russian scientist from the Soviet Union. For over forty years he studied the effects of psychic awareness and dream phenomena before relocating his practice to London, England. What Smirnoff desired most however, was immortality. He believed that could obtain such a gift if he were to somehow unearth the remains of the lord of vampires Dracula. In his studies, Smirnoff met Marlene McKenna, the wife of former vampire hunter Frank Drake. McKenna had acute psychic awareness, and Smirnoff used her empathic abilities to open a gateway into the spirit world. He summoned the restless spirit of Rachel van Helsing, one of the few individuals who knew the exact location of Dracula's destruction. Through psychological manipulaton, Doctor Smirnoff enabled Rachel's spirit to take physical possession of Marlene McKenna. This enabled him to find the remains of the vampire Dracula.[1]

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