The Deadmaker's father was imprisoned when he was just a boy. To make up for his father's sins, the Deadmaker became a perfect Soviet citizen and a master assassin. The Deadmaker or one of his associates shot a member of the New York Russian community to death in Brighton Beach. After smashing Ben Parker's tombstone and kidnapping May Parker, the Deadmaker launched a Stinger missile at the apartment of the newly-married Peter and Mary Jane Parker. Peter managed to web up the missile, but was forced to abandon the apartment to stop a second missile. While he was gone, the Deadmaker abducted Mary Jane. He took both women to Richard and Mary Parker's old apartment, where he explained his motives to them until he was interrupted by the arrival of Spider-Man. They burst out of the apartment and battled across the rooftops, as the Deadmaker unleashed every weapon in his arsenal. They eventually ended up on a bridge, where a few punches knocked the wind out of the Deadmaker. As the Deadmaker told him how much he had lost, Spider-Man countered with a litany of his own losses, including Gwen Stacy, who'd died on the very bridge on which they stood. He told him that, despite all his losses, he had nothing but tomorrow to look forward to, and asked what the Deadmaker had to show for all his losses. As Spider-Man swung away, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. copter hovered overhead, the Deadmaker muttered, "I have... nothing"[2].


The Deadmaker has extensive training in armed and unarmed combat.


The Deadmaker wields a number of weapons, including machine guns, nunchucks, claws, knives, and throwing stars. His costume incorporated a wrist-mounted missile launcher.

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