Greg Allen worked at the infamous Bar With No Name for supervilains. He also had a father named Edmund, whom Greg placed at the Winters Retirement Community in Jersey City, New Jersey at the request of Greg's mother Sharon. Greg also paid for a program called Golden Friends, which consisted of the presence of a companion to hang out with Edmund.[1] When he was younger, Edmund lived a life of crime as the Silver Bandit, using a pair of alien boots and gloves to walk in the air. Greg distanced himself from his father when he learned of his secret.[2]

One day Greg went to visit his father, but Edmund had gone take a walk with his companion, so Greg let himself into Edmund's room and searched his home. Edmund's companion was Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, who was required to work one-hundred hours of community service. When Peter returned Emdund to his room and encountered Greg inside, Peter jumped at him, initially believing him to be a simple intruder. The confusion was cleared up, and when Greg threatened to cancel the program to get rid of Quill, Edmund suggested he gave Peter a job, so he could pay his court fine in order to leave as Greg wanted. Additionally, Edmund convinced Peter was suitable for the vacant position at the bar. Three days later, Greg and Peter met up in Manhattan, and he took Quill to the bar where he worked, which surprised Peter when he discovered it was a place for criminals.[1]

Greg was kidnapped by the owner of the bar, Black Cat, in order to force Edmund to put his expertise and equipment at her service.[3] Even though Greg was saved by Peter's ally Daredevil, the situation ended in tragedy when Edmund died trying to apprehend Black Cat.[4]

After attending his father's funeral, Greg became depressed. As part of Ed's will, Greg was given his boots and gloves. However, it turned out they didn't fit him, causing Greg to burst out laughing.[5]

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