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Business partner of Adrian Toomes at Bestman and Toomes Electronics, Gregory Bestman embezzled money from the company and manipulated the situation so that, when Toomes discovered it, he was unable to do stop Bestman from firing him and assuming full control over the company to sell it. Bestman was unaware that Toomes had developed an electromagnetic harness that would allow Toomes to become the supervillain Vulture, who intended to get revenge on Bestman. Toomes would eventually destroy Bestman and Toomes Electronics.[1]

Bestman eventually recovered and returned to business at an event in the New York Coliseum, only to be harassed again by the Vulture. Spider-man confronted the Vulture while holding a walkie-talkie, so that the Vulture conversation with Bestman about Bestman's illicit activities was heard by NYPD Lt. Kris Keating. Once the Vulture was defeated, Bestman was investigated, and he was worried enough to suggest that he was in real trouble.[1]

Gregory Bestman was eventually killed by the Vulture.[2]

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