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Greg Salinger became the second Foolkiller after Richard Rory told him about the first one, Ross G. Everbest.[3] While Everbest focused on "fools" from an extremist Christian perspective, Salinger was more secular. He found that "fools" were people who lacked poetry in their souls.[4]

Empire State University[]

Despite his lack of super-powers, Foolkiller proved moderately successful in his crusade, even against super-heroes. An encounter with the Defenders ended with Foolkiller completely demolishing their headquarters.[5]

Salinger later enrolled in Empire State University. He needed a science credit for his major, and developed a sincere liking for his T.A., Peter Parker, who Salinger felt had a gift for explaining science in a poetic manner. Salinger and Parker soon crossed paths as Foolkiller and Spider-Man, however. While on the run from the web-slinger, Foolkiller hid in an alleyway with a homeless woman. When she heard what was going on, she remarked that "only a fool" would try to fight Spider-Man. Realizing she was right, Salinger almost disintegrated his own head before Spider-Man stopped him.[4]

New Foolkiller[]

Salinger was committed to an institution for his crimes, and slowly overcame his suicidal tendencies, if not his hatred of fools. His doctors encouraged him to express himself, and he began writing about fools to newspapers and television programs. He eventually landed a TV interview from the institution, which led to secret correspondence with Kurt Gerhardt.[6]

With Salinger's encouragement, Gerhardt became active as the new Foolkiller. Salinger had limited access to a computer at the institution, and the pair exchanged messages regularly through a private message board.[7]

Mercs for Money[]

Foolkiller started working together with another vigilante named Yodman. Following Yodman's death during a mission to defeat the Grain Riper, Salinger began experiencing something akin to a midlife crisis, realizing he was no longer young and that could get sidelined or entirely out of commission. Greg started visiting psychologist Andrea Mansoor, who helped him find his vocation of helping people as a volunteer, specifically to help rehabilitate criminals. Inspired by Mansoor, Foolkiller decided to study psychology.[8]

When Deadpool founded the Mercs for Money, he employed the services of the Foolkiller, among numerous other vigilantes, to pose as him in order to extend his reach across the globe.[9] Greg began to juggle his life as a vigilante, a mercenary, and a psychology student. He eventually graduated, with Deadpool and the Mercs going to his graduation.[8]

The Mercs for Money eventually became disgruntled by Deadpool, from the way he treated them to the delays in their paychecks.[10] When they set out to create their own business, the Mercs discovered Deadpool had been skimming on them.[11] After retrieving and burning their contracts from a safety deposit in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, the Mercs and Deadpool parted ways.[12]


Power Grid[14]
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Used mobile computer systems and surveillance systems to locate and track his victims.


Purification Gun, a form of laser pistol with a 30 yard range.


Armored truck fitted with surveillance equipment.

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