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Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith was the owner of an aircraft manufacturing plant in the 1940s. A brilliant inventor, he also became a terrorist for hire known as the Black Hand, and developed a ray gun that could cause clocks to explode when their hands touched. In 1945 he and his minions were hired by an unspecified wartime enemy to destroy the plans for the P-31 Bomber being developed by the United States military. This was learned by Lt. Jensen who was ordered to infiltrate Black Hand's operations and learn what his plans were. However, before he could return to Camp Lehigh to warn General Haywood he was eliminated by Black Hand's ray weapon.

Seeing Jensen's demise, Captain America and Bucky chased after the killer and his men as they sped away in a car. Attempting to cause Cap to crash his motorcycle, Black Hand and his men ditched their car and escaped, however Cap and Bucky managed to survive the attempt on their lives. Black Hand sent his men to attack the factory where the P-31 was being built, however Captain America deduced the Black Hand's operation and attempted to stop his minions. While Bucky rescued the workers, Cap saved the model of the P-31 from destruction.

After eliminating one of his minions for getting cold feet due to Captain America's involvement, the Black Hand then plotted to destroy the plans anew. This time, the plans were taken to the very aircraft manufacturing plant that he owned making it an easy target. Captain America and Bucky once more impeded his plans, and during a fight with Cap, Black Hand was knocked out a window and fell to his death. Finding his body, Cap unmasked Black Hand, revealing his true identity.[1]


Black Hand had developed a ray gun that could charge clocks with an energy that would violently explode when the hour and minute hands of the watch touched. The size of the explosion varied depending on the size of the clock infused with the energy.

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