Gressil was a demon member of the Hidden, a trio of Fallen Angels who hid themselves in the natural elements waiting for Judgment Day. Gressil hid himself in the element of earth, gaining its characteristics and powers.

Blackheart summoned him to join his rebellion against his father Mephistopheles, who would be defeated using the power of the Parchment of San Venganza. When the Ghost Rider began to hunt for Blackheart, Wallow was the first of the Hidden to fight him. Ghost Rider enveloped Gressil with his chain, charged with Hellfire. The demon couldn't resist the mystical fire and his soul was burned, leaving behind only his physical body, turned to stone.[1]


  • Gressil was a Earth-Demon, an elemental composed by earth able to control his own element. He possessed superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, stamina, senses and reflexes) and immortality.

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