Nothing is known of Gretta's past, save that she is an extremely powerful mutant who decided at a young age to remake the world in her image. Her father was member of the Knesset, the Israeli assembly.

She befriended Max Meer, the son of the ambassador from Draburg to Israel, deciding to use him as a figurehead for her scheme. At the same time, Delphi, the precognitive member of the Pantheon, foresaw Gretta's rise to power, and that she would be the world's most brutal dictator since Hitler. However, due to Gretta's channeling ability, Delphi saw that Max would be the dictator. Agamemnon dispatched Achilles to kill Max, but strangely also sent the Hulk to bring him back alive.[1]

Achilles pursued Gretta and Max and tried to kill them, but they were rescued by Rick Jones. Channeling her ability through Max, Gretta ordered a mob of people to kill Achilles. This allowed them to shake him for a while, but he caught up with them again, and Gretta discovered he was immune to mind control. He chased them to the top of a building, and Max fell off and was trampled by the mob, leaving him comatose.

Gretta stayed by her friend's hospital bedside, promising him that one day he would wake and they would rule the world.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Gretta's powers, channeled through Max Meer.

  • Telepathic Mind Control: Gretta was an incredibly potent mental controller. Her abilities enabled her to dominate the minds of hundreds of others at a time to her every whim, and she could also project these abilities into anyone she controlled, allowing her to control minds that were not in her immediate vicinity through them.


Gretta Rabin was likely behind the global invasion performed by Max Meer in the future, although she wasn't seen or specifically mentioned.[1]

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