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Grey Ridge Investments was a company that owned a played-out mine located in West Virginia, which was due to be torn down. When its managing director Barry Gleason discovered their newest director of security, Manny Calderon, was the only survivor of Cletus Kasady's first murder spree, they arranged with the FBI to use the mine as the location of a trap for Carnage, whose psychological profile determined he would try to attack Calderon as soon as he discovered she had survived.

With the help of the US Army, the mine was set up with sonic cannons, which were put in use as soon as Carnage arrived to the scene to kill Calderon. The trap worked, and Carnage was captured in a cage. However, the cannons shook through the back-fill over an old tunnel the FBI had not been informed of, and the ground swallowed Carnage and several agents, forcing FBI agents Claire Dixon and Eddie Brock, army soldier John Jameson, and Calderon herself to go down to the dark underground to capture Carnage and save the agents.[1]

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