The son of Mephisto, Greylight tormented the souls that inhabited one of the planes of afterlife known as the Softlands. Greylight and his minions regularly besieged the small town, demanding currency from its citizens, and coming earlier than expected to collect his "loans."

When Star-Lord ended up in the Softlands after a fatal crash-landing, he witnessed Greylight's abuse and tried to stop him, but failed miserably. One day when Sheriff Chal'dra was away, Greylight visited town and seemingly slain Swood for failing to make ends meet. Fueled by rage, his widow Suzzoh rashly set out to confront Greylight and put an end to his reign of terror. When she reached Greylight's Greyland, Suzzoh met the same fate as her husband.

Star-Lord rallied numerous Softlanders into following Suzzoh, but caught up to her too late. Greylight then challenged Star-Lord to a race to town, threatening to menace the Softlanders that stayed behind if he got there first. Star-Lord took the lead, but Greylight shot his horse, causing him to fall. When Greylight prepared to shoot Star-Lord in the head, the mysterious and reticent Softlander only known as Squeak appeared. Having discovered Squeak's true identity, that of Bruce Banner, Star-Lord began to taunt him until he turned into the Hulk. The Hulk then punched Greylight, causing him to explode into dust.

Disguised as the local bartender Mac, Mephisto appeared and confronted Star-Lord for the rebellion he caused among Softlanders. Before vanishing away, he picked up what remained of Greylight, his clothes.[1]

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