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The Greys also known as Roswell Greys are a race of humanoid extraterrestrial beings, living primarily by stealing from more advanced societies. They are named for their unique skin color. The race appears to be organized like a crime family, calling themselves the "Family", one with a hierarchy that extends offworld.[2]


Roswell UFO Incident

On July 9th, 1947, it was claimed by the US Airforce that a surveillance balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. However it was later believed that the crash was a extraterrestrial spaceship. It is believed that the shipp contained the Greys and was taken to a secret military base called Area 51 in Nevada.[3][4]


A branch of the Greys came to Earth and established a casino in Las Vegas called Area 52, as the peculiarity of the city allowed them to walk freely without using image inducers to hide their true forms.[1]


In the 1970s, the Greys established on Earth managed to capture the Rigellian Recorder, 451.[5] The Recorder convinced a Grey named Rollo to free him with the help of genius Howard Stark and a special team.[1]

After a failed retaliation attempt by the Greys, one of these aliens discovered the Recorder had genetically modified Stark's newborn child. 451 informed Stark the Greys would threaten Stark and his family as long as they were on Earth because of this.[5]

Howard reassembled the Stark Seven and killed the boss of the Greys, forcing his thugs to abandon the Earth. These minions were secretly killed by 451 after hijacking their spaceship, to prevent them from sending any information about the baby to their home planet.[6]


The Greys are humanoids of who resembled humans with a big head, big eyes, no ears, no hair, and grey skin.[1]


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