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Quote1.png Greetings, ephemerals. Allow me to offer my condolences. I am Entropy. Heat death. But my preferred title is... The Griever at the Ends of All Things. I'm here to mourn your passing... you and every slapdash reality that you have dared stitch onto the grand design. Quote2.png
Griever at the End of All Things[src]


A being self-described as the embodiment of entropy, the Griever at the End of All Things was a mysterious creature who claimed her purpose was to witness the last light fade from the edge of Eternity and grieve for everything that ever was and was ever meant to be. She commanded strange creatures called Endlings. The Griever started following the Future Foundation during their journey to create and add new universes to the Multiverse. She repudiated their mission, claiming they overstepped their purpose.

She patiently waited to strike until Franklin Richards was depleted of his ability to create new universes. She confronted the Future Foundation and killed the Molecule Man in the process of creating a chain reaction that triggered the destruction of the hundreds of realities the Future Foundation had helped create. The Future Foundation managed to escape, and the Griever cornered them in the universe where they decided to take their final stand. After defeating the heroes, Mister Fantastic taunted the Griever, claiming she would be defeated if she confronted the entirety of the Fantastic Four. Angry that Richards would question her power, she delivered Richards a Transmaterializer to use to transport the Fantastic Four. To the Griever's surprise, Richard didn't just transport the remaining original members of the team but past members as well.[1]

While their allies kept the Griever distracted and protected the Future Foundation, Reed and the Fantastic Four fought the Griever. Reed realized early on that the Griever couldn't travel to different realities under her own power and had to rely on her ship to do that. He told Johnny to destroy the Telepods of the Griever's ship until there was only one, though the Hulk secretly performed the task but was willing to give Johnny the credit. Reed then confronted the Griever on her inability to move through realities as well as the fact that she was unable to create anything. After Reed threatened to strand her in the reality where their fight was taking place by destroying the last remaining Telepod, the Griever finally backed down and returned to her native realm but swore vengeance before leaving.[3]

Shortly after Franklin Richards became fully depowered, the Griever returned. Chasing away the refugees of the worlds she had destroyed, they used a pathway through the Forever Gate to reach the Earth.[4] With the Fantastic Four unable to shut down the Forever Gate due to the constant stream of refugees, the Griever eventually used it herself to arrive at the planet. When she chased after Franklin Richards to defeat him, he used a remotely-piloted armor to lure her into 4 Yancy Street, the Fantastic Four's headquarters that housed additional pocket dimensions inside. Mister Fantastic folded the building into itself in an attempt to trap the Griever within its dimensions, but she managed to escape due to being an abstract concept.[2] Defeating the Fantastic Four and their allies, the Griever attempted to force Mister Fantastic to teach her how to use the Forever Gate so that she could use it to link up to every place and time period and fulfill her sole purpose of destruction. The Silver Surfer managed to stall the Griever, but she defeated him, prompting him to hand over the Ultimate Nullifier he had acquired on Mister Fantastic's behalf to Franklin Richards, since he was the only person with the necessary understanding of the fabric of the universe to use it against the Griever. With the Griever cornered, Mister Fantastic came up with the idea to offer her the chance to use the Forever Gate for a one-way trip into the future to the natural end of the universe so she could finish it off, and she agreed.[5]



As an Abstract Entity, the Griever possesses a power to destroy dimensions, reality, and multiple universes at once. She was able to kill the Molecule Man and defeat Franklin Richards with little effort.[1]


The Griever can't create anything herself since she is the embodiment of destruction and entropy. While she is knowledgeable in using technology, she doesn't appear to understand its functions as she failed to understand if technology is broken but repairable or is completely unsalvageable. She's also less than immediately capable of turning her universe-destroying power on individuals, analogized by Reed as a person being less capable of destroying a single germ rather than sanitizing an area.[3]





Her very own ship that is capable of traveling into different realities.


  • In Defenders (Vol. 6) #5, the Defenders travel back to the Third Cosmos and help destroy the Anti-All, a primordial manifestation of nothingness. When the creature is shattered into seemingly one piece for every universe, Doctor Strange theorizes that when heroes fight against "the great Nothing" in their own times, they're fighting back the Anti-All as well. This could mean that a being like the Griever who embodies entropy could have been born out of the Anti-All's fracture.

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