Grigori, is an infantile gorilla who replaced Miklho. He possesses the same superpowers.

Recent Events

Most recently Grigori and the other Super-Apes accompanied their master to the moon on another attempt to steal the Watcher's equipment. Passing through the same chronial spike the Super-Apes were separated from their master. Wandering along the surface they encountered past and future versions of themselves. The apes were then attracted to bananas being produced by the Future Foundation's wards -- Bentley-23, Adolf Impossible, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Onome, Vil, Wu, Mik, Korr, Turg and Tong -- who made fast friends with the apes. However when various Red Ghost's from different points in history appeared before them the children attacked them and drove them away. [1]


Grigori, the other Super-Apes, and the Red Ghost were later killed by Steve Rogers so he could take over their hideout and use it to hide Erik Selvig from the Red Skull.[2]


  • Superhuman strength of unknown extent

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