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Quote1.png You have come to the Firefox for either one of two reasons, Valentin Shatalov-- either you want to die... or else you want someone else to. Which is it? Quote2.png


Grigori Andreivitch, codenamed Firefox, was an assassin and agent of the Soviet Union. He has been upgraded to a Cyborg, though it is unclear who authorized his cybernetic enhancements. He was utterly ruthless and seemed to enjoy killing. He prefered it when the missions were memorable and worth talking about, rather than neat and quiet affairs.[1]

Firefox lived for some time in an isolated two-story house, located close to the city of Norilsk and in the vicinity of the Ural Mountains. He was visited there by Valentin Shatalov, who wanted him to retrieve the recently-escaped Soviet Super-Soldiers. Though Firefox threatened to kill Valentin himself, he took the assignment.[1]

Valentin Shatalov later ordered Firefox to kill Iron Curtain, Concussion, and Mentac. He was also once controlled by Blind Faith to come out to the media about the Russian government involvement in mutant murders.[1]

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Firefox became a mercenary. He started working for a faction of the Russian Mafia, as their enforcer and assassin. Firefox turned on his employer and killed him, becoming the boss of his gang.[2] His mob was one of several that joined forces against the Punisher and the Geraci Family.[3]



  • His cybernetic parts enhance his strength, durability, and senses. His limitations are unknown.[1]
  • His right eye has been replaced with a cybernetic enhancement, that seemed to help him in target practice.[1]
  • Firefox has only one functioning hand. The lower area of the other hand has been replaced by a rifle-like weapon.[1]
  • Firefox appears to have some resistance to cold weather, as he was seen bare-chested in the snowy vicinity of the Ural Mountains.[1]


  • Firefox is a skilled marksman. [1]

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