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Grills was one of the numerous neighbors of Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye.[1]


During Hurricane Sandy, he and Clint went to Queens to the house of Grill's father to protect their stuff. During that time, Clint helped Grills reconcile with his father, with whom he grew distant after the death of his mother.[2]

Grills was killed by the Clown, an assassin hired by mob bosses to deal with Hawkeye, as a way to harass Barton.[3]


  • He was probably called "Grills" because when the neighbors of the building hang out on the rooftop, he always took care of the grill.
  • Gilbert insisted to call Hawkeye "Hawkguy," even though he himself is constantly called by a wrong nickname, as he prefers to be called "Gil."[3]

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