A Cimmerian like Conan, who almost feared him, Grimm was the one who razed Razadan to the ground. As ordered by Prince Yezdigerd, he decapitated the mercenary Zorka and was put in charge of the Turanian invasion of the Kozaks' steppes.[1]

Conan remembered that Grimm, alongside his clansman Svenno, had been one of the first ones to venture out of Cimmeria. They were roaming Northern Turan with a band of warriors from Aesgaard, they approached the nigh-forgotten city of Yahlgan and were attacked by its fabled black monks. Abandoned on the battlefield by Svenno, Grimm was captured and tortured by the fanatical troops for years to come. He later returned to Cimmeria and executed his former companion, despite Conan's efforts to save him.[2]

During a Kozak ambush, Grimm's life was saved by a soldier called Juma the Black, who immediately earned a battlefield promotion.[3] Grimm then instructed Major Juma to infiltrate the Kozak camp and persuade Conan into following him to the city of Kherdpur, where he and Zula were trapped by the Turanian forces and thrown to the cannibal monsters beneath the city.[4]

After Grimm discovered Juma sneaking back to the pit to check on Conan, he bit him in the neck and cast him into the pit.[5] As ordered by Yezdigerd, Grimm and his soldiers went in the pit to dispatch Yolinda, her children, and the rest of the wretches, but he was eventually beheaded by Conan.[6]

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