Maxwell Markham obtained the Grizzly Exoskeleton from the Jackal. He used it to attack the Daily Bugle in revenge against Jameson for ruining his wrestling career, but Spider-Man defeated him.[1] The Grizzly then attempted to defeat Spider-Man alongside the Jackal, but was defeated again by Spider-Man and went to prison.[2]

After his release, Markham took the Grizzly Exoskeleton to the Tinkerer for an upgrade. Markham demanded a rematch with Spider-Man so that he could get revenge on Spider-Man and save face among his peers. Spider-Man faked defeat, allowing Grizzly to think he defeated him.[3]

Grizzly later sported a new version of his exoskeleton when he confronted Scott Lang upon mistaking him for Eric O'Grady.[4]

Bruin Exoskeleton

An older version of the Grizzly Exoskeleton was modified by Hobgoblin and sold to an unnamed criminal who took on the name Bruin.[5]


  • Augments its user's strength

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