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Maxwell Markham obtained the Grizzly Exoskeleton from the Jackal. He used it to attack the Daily Bugle in revenge against Jameson for ruining his wrestling career, but Spider-Man defeated him.[1] The Grizzly then attempted to defeat Spider-Man alongside the Jackal, but was defeated again by Spider-Man and went to prison.[2]

After his release, Markham took the Grizzly Exoskeleton to the Tinkerer for an upgrade. Markham demanded a rematch with Spider-Man so that he could get revenge on Spider-Man and save face among his peers. Spider-Man faked defeat, allowing Grizzly to think he defeated him.[3]

Grizzly later sported a new version of his exoskeleton when he confronted Scott Lang upon mistaking him for Eric O'Grady.[4]

Bruin Exoskeleton

An older version of the Grizzly Exoskeleton was modified by Hobgoblin and sold to an unnamed criminal who took on the name Bruin.[5]


* Enhanced Strength: The suit augments its user's strength.

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

On Earth-12041, the Grizzly's Exo-Skeleton is more technologically advanced, being more machine based and heavily armored. The armor is equipped with rocket boosters on the back of the leg to reach tall heights. It is also equipped with a visor over the eyes. The armor grants the wearer superhuman strength and durability tough enough to survive a fall from a high building.
Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 2 9

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