Grizzly Grogan was the a thug and leader of his own criminal gang in the town of Tombstone, Texas, relying on his strength and size to get what he wanted. Grogan was planning a heist of the local bank, but was reminded by members of his gang that he would be easily recognized because of his large stature. This all changed when Boom-Boom Brown moved into town as the new blacksmith. Like Grogan, Brown was also a very large and strong man. Grizzly decided to steal Brown's clothes, rob the bank and frame Brown for the robbery. The plan seemed to work as Brown was arrested for the bank robbery, though he maintained his plea of innocence. The Two-Gun Kid believed Brown, thinking Grogan to be a much more likely suspect. Grogan, however, agreed to take the stand in court to plead his innocence in the matter.

Two-Gun in his guise of lawyer Matt Hawk, however, managed to trick Grogan while he was on the witness stand. Grogan made the mistake of saying he didn't own a .44 six-shot revolving rifle like the one used in the robbery, but no one else had known what kind of rifle was used, proving that Grogan could only have known this if he himself had committed the robbery. At this revelation, Grogan fled the courtroom, but was pursued by the Two-Gun Kid. Grogan's men were able to ambush the Kid, but the newly released Boom-Boom Brown came to the Kid's aid. Grogan was then brought back to the courtroom to be tried for the robbery of the town bank.[1]




Grizzly Grogan was fairly strong (though not to a superhuman degree).


Grizzly Grogan carried .44 six-shot revolving rifle.

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