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According to intel gathered by Rocket Raccoon, Groffon the Regurger was an obscure Celestial who destroys worlds.[1] As part of a publicity stunt to gain clients for his new mercenary business, Deadpool arranged with an alien named King Lokk to have Groffon invade the Earth, while also providing him with the weapon necessary to kill Groffon. Since the council King Lokk belonged to determined Groffon's choice for destroying world was disturbing and embarrasing, they were easily persuaded to sacrifice him.[2]

The Guardians of the Galaxy stumbled into Groffon when he was heading to Earth, and warned Tony Stark after gathering intel about him.[1] Groffon landed on New York City and prepared to regurg the planet to make it suitable to give birth to his spawn. While the rest of the superhuman community struggled against Groffon's minions, the Gurgers, Deadpool confronted Groffon. However, Deadpool hadn't been told that the gun that could kill Groffon was under a biometric lock configured to Groffon's DNA, so Groffon simply swat him.[3] After discovering the key to make the weapon work when the gun accidentally touched a severed arm from one of the Gurgers, Deadpool slipped into the Gurger's arm like it was a gauntlet, and had Colossus throw him at Groffon. When Deadpool fired the weapon, it worked this time, and turned into a vehicle-sized cannon which obliterated Groffon with a single shot. Groffon's death additionally caused the Gurgers to self-destruct.[2]

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